About Me!

The PowerTier Platform (PowerApps, Flow and PowerBI) as we know has been the topic of discussion within integration and IOT circles for the last three years. With the leaps and bounds made by this Cloud based application development platform, more and more people are being enabled to solve important business decisions in an intuitive and fascinating way. Now I’m not here to sell the concept of these tools, that’s up to you, but maybe some shared wisdom can help you in your journey around this colourful world.

My Names’ Tom Hazell and I have not only been lucky enough to work alongside Microsofts PowerTier Product team leads but also their inner circle partners. My story goes back three years ago when this concept of PowerApps landed on my Desk Back in R and D, it looked interesting as a product… but as we all know is this really going to change anything? why would I use this over what I’m currently using. A week later I looked over the concept again with a fresh pair of eyes and wow the vision for PowerApps was incredible… I need to get on board with this. Thus, my Journey with the Platform began.

Three years later I have used PowerApps And Flow to solve real world business problems, from smaller IOT Solutions all the way through to multi regional deployments of critical Business Applications. If there has been a limitation hurdle, I have jumped it, if there has been a product ceiling I have been there to push it higher. I can safely say I have pushed this platform to its limits in regards to functionality and solution validity. So I thought I would share my findings I have made along my Journey and hopefully answer those questions that currently elude the community to give something back from which I have learnt so much from.

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